Friday, October 6, 2017

Sybase: Change SA password

Sometimes, when DBAs don't follow proper documentation they end up in situations where they don't know the SA password. This has to be the most fatal mistake for a DBA. Fortunately, in Sybase there is a way to change SA password if you don't have it.

1.      Stop the Sybase Server.
2.      Locate the RUN_SPS_XXXXXX file. It is typically located in the $SYBASE/ ASE-15_0/INSTALL/ directory.
3.      Open the RUN_SPS_XXXXXX file.
4.      Add the following command line option to the end of the command line  “ -psa”

Note: This option is case sensitive, should be lowercase, and entered without quotes.
New SSO password for sa:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Note: You may have to scroll up to find this line.

5.      Run startserver -f RUN_SPS_XXXXXX to start the Sybase Server. Startup messages you would normally see in the errorlog will be printed to the screen.
6.      After a few minutes, when the startup messages have stopped printing to the screen, look for a line similar to the following within the startup messages:
7.      Attempt to log into the Sybase Server using Sybase Central or SQL Advantage with the new password. You should be able to login without any errors. If not, please contact the SPS Help Desk.
8.      Once you are logged in, update the password for the sa account.
9.      Logout of Sybase Central or SQL Advantage.
10.    Shutdown the Sybase Server.
11.    Edit the RUN_SPS_XXXXXX again to remove the -psa option then save it.
12.    Restart the Sybase Server. 

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